We believe that the free, creative energy of the young generation is the driving force of industry-based developments. We hold the Youth Innovative Design Festival based on the philosophy of “our design, our future.” The goal is to build a platform to inspire the creativity of young, up-and-coming student designers through competitions, motivate young students to join the creative design industry, facilitate collaborations between schools and the cultural and creative design industry, and elevate the research culture of product innovation, enabling young student designers to maximize their potential.

We hope to see a continuous flow of young designers. Their energy and creativity as well as thirst and passion for designs and creations allow us to see that they no longer settle for stability but rather seek new, innovative ways to advance within the world.

A. Objectives

  1. Provide a platform for young designers to display their exceptional creativity
  2. Promote exchanges between relevant design departments
  3. Raise public awareness by using Taiwan’s creative energy
  4. Integrate Taiwan’s emerging designers and connect them with the design job market
  5. Invite outstanding design experts to give lectures
  6. Increase interactions and exchanges between the public and domestic and international design communities

B. Event organizers

The Bureau of Cultural Affairs and the Designers Association of Taiwan


C. Exhibition Guidelines

  1. Exhibition dates
    Exhibition dates: From Apr. 28, 2017 (Fri.) to May 7, 2017 (Sun.); a total of 10 days.
    Exhibition hours: 10:00 to 18:00 from Mon. to Thurs. and 10:00 to 20:00 from Fri. to Sun.; on May 7, the exhibition areas will close at 18:00 because of the awards ceremony.
  2. Venue: The Pier-2 Art Center
  3. Admission: Tickets must be purchased to enter the exhibition areas. Ticket sales-related information will be released later