C-hope Search and Rescue Dog Intelligent Protective Clothing






C-hope Search and Rescue Dog Intelligent Protective Clothing

The C-hope Search and Rescue Dog Intelligent Protective Clothing is designed specifically for search and rescue dogs in cooperation with the Kaohsiung City Search and Rescue Dog Team. It uses cut-resistant and puncture-resistant materials and a unique cut design to protect the safety of search and rescue dogs.

It is divided into two wearing modes, training suit and protective suit. The training suit is the innermost layer of clothing, and when paired with a physiological data collector, it can collect real-time data such as heartbeat, breathing, and blood pressure during training. The protective suit is worn on the outside of the training suit and uses special fabric to protect the dog from injury, and when paired with a positioning device, it can immediately determine the dog's location.

Product features:

1.Protective material:
The inner layer uses breathable fabric to make the dog comfortable to wear, and the outer layer is protected by cut-proof and puncture-proof cloth, so the dog is not easily injured, so the dog is comfortable and safe to wear.

2.Shedding structure:
The design of the disassembly structure allows dogs to easily escape when trapped.

3.Multiple intelligent assistance devices:
Ensures the safety of search and rescue dogs through technology and provides peace of mind for the dog handlers.
(1)Smart search device: Uses the wireless radio's ability to penetrate walls and directionality to determine the trapped position. When there are signs of being trapped, it will actively emit an alarm.
(2)Lighting device: Uses lighting to quickly locate the dog in search and rescue operations at night.
(3)Physiological data collector: Uses new technology to detect physiological data such as heart rate and breathing without touching the dog's skin. Daily data can provide veterinarians with a health plan, and during work, it is used for vital sign monitoring. When the data is abnormal, an alert is issued.

4.Digital unification of data: Integrates physiological data, smart search positioning, and other data.

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