In this rushing society, it is common for people to neglect self-awareness and live imbalanced lives. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the balance of yin and yang as the true way to be healthy. Baguazhang, a traditional Chinese martial art, has a training form that combines qigong guidance, Chinese medicine meridians, and martial arts techniques. It emphasizes the high coordination and unity of the body's internal functions. Practicing it can help maintain the health condition of modern people.

Through creative arts and an interactive exhibition, the general public can get involved easily, and in turn enhance their quality of life. We believe that this is a truly meaningful thing. By actually experiencing and feeling in person, along with the souvenir that comes with it, people can be physically and spiritually immersed in the nourishment of culture.

In our exhibition, Considering the level of difficulty that beginners can handle, we have selected four movements from the Cheng Pai Style Baguazhang for this experimental exhibition. Using a foot-painting method, beginners can learn the martial arts movements while creating their own Baguazhang graffiti. By incorporating the painting element, beginners can enter the complex and difficult world of martial arts in a playful way, which can trigger their motivation to learn martial arts and create a positive impression of martial arts. This will allow participants to better understand and enjoy practicing Baguazhang.

About souvenir, the concept of product is to combine the beauty of graffiti art with the force of martial arts. We use the element of four "Bagua Zhang" movements from our exhibition to create reusable martial arts ice molds sets. The ice mold have four different sizes, which means that people in any body shape can practice martial arts. In addition, the lines and strokes of the "international art graffiti" have been used to create souvenir cups that are exclusive to the exhibition. Therefore, people are able to feel the atmosphere of Bagua Zhang in their daily lives and have a special memory of the exhibition experience.

作品編號 #460 作品名稱 作品分類 視覺傳達設計類 學校科系 國立臺中教育大學 文化創意產業設計與營運學系 設計師 張太耒
指導老師 張英裕 / 傅俊嶧