With the rapid advancement of technology, online shopping can be purchased from clothing to real estate, and due to the raging epidemic, people's lives around the world have been forced to change, and the Internet has become a major focus of people's lives.

We believe that buying furniture online is bound to become a common way in the future:
People can purchase design ideal on the Internet, then chose materials they like. Using similar curved shapes to process plates can also reduce material waste and cost, and then give the design file to a nearby fatory and assemble them at home.
Not only can you design furniture materials by yourself, but also get the fun of self-assembly, and get personalized furniture in the shortest time.

Taking the medieval ship-shaped skeleton as the idea, combined with the organic shape to achieve a rounded effect, the bottom and top curves are staggered to increase the sense of hierarchy

The gradient shape CNC is used to cut slices, and the inner hollow gradient surface creates a sense of transparency, and is penetrated by wooden strips.Different angles are different scenery.

The sheet material is simple and the assembly is simple. When part of it is damaged, only the worn sheet needs to be repaired, so as to save material and furniture waste.

作品編號 #659 作品名稱 illi—公共座椅 作品分類 立體造型暨產品設計類工業設計組 學校科系 國立雲林科技大學 工業設計系 設計師 江奕陞
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